how to stay at exact score

As soon as you reach the target score for Double Diamonds, your points should not change anymore. But what happens when you go idle and your village gets attacked?

If you loose the attack, you do not loose warpoints. Your score does not change. Perfect!
If you win the attach, you win warpoints! Your score increases, you go in front of the ranking, and all the Double Diamond strategy can be damaged. You might be temporary kicked to protect Double Diamonds for the team.

So what can you do?

First of all check that your resource buildings (Coin vault, Essence storage, Market and Essence well) are placed close to your defense to not invite looters! 

If you have enough time after reaching the target score, go offline and check the situation again after some minutes, wether you got a shield that reaches till the end of war. If yes, it’s fine. If not and you won an attack, correct your points and try again.
If your shield does not reach till the end of war, go online before the war ends and check the situation once again.
However, communicate and let your clan know about your situation.

If you do not have enough time, another good possibility is to move your castle away from your defense, maybe far away from everything else. When you get attacked only your castle might get destroyed. That way you only get a shield that lasts for some minutes, so you get attacked quite often – but it might even safe your resources. However it’s no guarantee that it’s going to happen this way – check your situation before the war ends!

If the last hour of the war has already started when you reach the target score and you do not have time to stay online, buy a 1-hour shield, it costs 1,000 essence.

If only one member goes over the target score, we have no problem and can leave it as it is. If two members go in front while many others stay at the defined target score, we kick one temporary – he can come back later!
However the truth is that at Happy Shadow on some days a lot of members win their attacks. Depending on the situation we sometimes have more profit by adapting the target score – so please always check the situation before the end of war if you have the time to.


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